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Performance Reviews

Ginger Ninja - www.fasterlouder.com July 2005

"Comparisons to Blues and Roots Men like John Butler and Xavier Rudd are inevitable but are largely misleading. Turnbull is much more rhythm-driven and writes songs so intricate and lengthy, they make Butler seem concise. Turnbull also has much more variation in his music than Rudd, making for a more interesting performance. Turnbull also has a tendency towards ferocious that both Rudd and Butler do not have: an unexpected eruption of rapid strumming burst out midway through the set, drawings awe-struck gasps and spontaneous applause. The only obstacle to Turnbull replacing John Butler as the figurhead of Australian Roots and Blues is his fondness for long sections of guitar solos, therefore making commercial radio an unlikely prospect for him. For mine, I hope he succeeds without changing his style, which is individual, definitive and electrifying."

From IS. Land -Day 1 (Independent)
Album Reviews

Brett- Rave Magazine 17th Feb 2004

Recorded live in just in one day, From IS. Land is the first in a proposed series, and if the music is indicative of the series' direction, I can only say "more please". Geoff Turnbull's virtuosic acoustic guitar flights could see him lumped into the Harper/Butler basket, but the off the cuff vibe and exploratory open ended nature of these songs sets him apart. His voice is a high emotive instrument, sounding particularly desperate on the thrilling climax of RSI and improvisational on the brilliant spaced-out wah wah fest of the Lizard Dance. The rolling mellow IF Played, meanwhile, is a sweet ballad that displays Turnbull's versatility. All in all Turnbull's refreshing live approach imbues this disc with a spontaneity that the didactic John Butler can only dream about.

Richard Gaudion- The Beat Melbourne July 2004

Growing up and being surrounded by the live music of NSW bluegrass, folk and rock musicians, Geoff Turnbull (from the band Introduced Species) set out to establish his own distinct sound encompassing a faithful lap steel, acoustic tapping slide and an often hectic, introspective sense of rhythm. Performed and recorded in one live session at Byron Bay 's Rockinghorse Studios, the 10 songs on this album contain no added overdubs or post-production, just Turnbull strumming his fingers blue and singing his life away like a hermit who lives in a shed. The songs are sparse, personal, intimate and pure, the music and the assured, confronting vocals lay somewhere between Steve Tallis and The Holy Ghosts (Roll Away, Enrol, The Lizard Dance) and Eddie Vedder without the ego-tripping and rock star posturing (Every Now, Woken Beast). Splitting his time between work and study (currently undertaking a PHD in Brain Regeneration and Repair at Queensland University ) and relentlessly taking his music out on the road, Turnbull has cultivated a loyal live following, and is certainly a musician who thrives on releasing his demons in subversive, energetic live performance. From Is-Land is a finely crafted, emotive album. The live gigs set up around Australia to showcase these intense guitar-strumming songs should really be something to look forward to.

Deborah Swain- Tsunami Magazine (52) May 2004

Launching his Geoff Turnbull From IS. Land Day 1 album, Geoff played all kinds of experimental slide and guitar. He delved into the same kind of experimental tunes you play at home and wonder how you could possibly meld that into your onstage performance. Geoff pulled the achievement off well and mesmerized his audience as he sang songs about unusual day to day matters such as mental illness.

Rockdiva- Tsunami Magazine July 2004

An interesting album for the alternative acoustic set. Geoff plays experimental slide live but most of this album is filled with his rhythmic, trance induced grooves that build themselves into frenetic strumming and wicked beats using a stompbox. Even pensive songs like "Every Day" have a trance-like quality to them. The music is a blend of acoustic roots, blues and folk heavily influenced by dance music overlaced with a trickling of delicate guitar picking. This is most evident in "The Lizard Dance". My personal favourite is opening track "Colour".

It's hard not to get caught up in these rythymns so make sure you have yer stomping feet on when you take a listen.